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Welcome to The Max Loyalty Members Club.

We Are A NEW Business and Personal Development Club.

Why max! Well you can't get much more maximum than a lifetime willable membership!

Why loyalty because as it's a one time payment with no other out of pocket fees EVER, you stay a member forever and no one leaves! 

You are committed to us and we are committed to you and that's what I call loyalty.

To join our club you need a personal invite from an existing member.

We have a no hype or BS policy and we believe in genuine support and teamwork.

We have our own very high paying affiliate plan for selling our own product package.

We pay a commission of between £60.00 and £90.00 for each direct sale an affiliate makes of our product package.

The total cost is £120.00 (Plus VAT if in the UK) and you can NEVER spend from out of pocket again.

We are continuing to add products and we already have a great library of over 2,700 ebooks and most of these come with master resellers rights for you to be able to sell or use for personal use and even use as freebies to generate leads.

We also have our own private social site for paid members that contains video courses on such topics as how to create great profiles on other social media platforms, how to generate contacts and leads using those platforms. We will also be adding lots of other video courses on attitude, mindset and self improvement.

Our members are also be able to create groups and pages about themselves and the businesses they work with or what interests they have to help them interact and get to know other members of our club.


Please register for FREE so your inviter can make contact and help you understand just what is being offered with TheMLMClub.

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The Max Loyalty Members Club.


Company Director: Mr.Frazer Lazell
TheMLMClub Ltd
Blackpool Enterprise Centre
Lytham Road
United Kingdom

Companies House Registration Number : 14935626
UK VAT Registration Number: 447577550

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